It’s me… Danni!


Well what a week is has been.. This venture started as casual conversation about finding something ‘to do’ with our time.  Hey, why not start a blog about this next stage of life that we are in.  Maybe, just maybe, there are other women out there that are interested in creating dialogue and  following our journey and realize that they are going through the same thing.

We are not perfect by any means and hope that our imperfections and real life resonate with you.  


Today we meet me…Danni…I am a wife and mom to 2.  Over the years I have been a soccer mom, dance mom, swimming mom, lacrosse mom, football mom and a hockey  mom.  You got it, in my spare time, I drive.  Driving is my hobby and I got quite good at it.!  I am my children’s biggest fan and you may just hear a loud cheer from me every once in a while 😉


Health and wellness is a huge part of my life.  With a background in holistic nutrition, I have been known to take the fun out of food by sometimes throwing out facts on why that cake tastes so good. 😉  I usually get the response of  ‘please do not tell us this is gluten free or sugar free and let us enjoy it!”  I am constantly learning more everyday and hope that I make an impact on my children so that they continue to live a healthy life.

I am not a cardio person but prefer the slower pace of a yoga class or just a great long walk with a friend.


Winters are not my favorite, which is weird because I live in the land of winter .  You will see me with a sweater on at some point in the day even when it is 24 degrees outside.  I live for summers, a tropical holiday or just somewhere warm with a pool that I can sit in the sun and relax with a good book and glass of white wine. (Although lately I have been enjoying the rose`trend.)

My family is always number one in my heart and there is nothing more I love than to make memories with them and enjoying the fun and laughter that we have.


I am excited to be on this adventure with Christine.  Christine and I share the same values and importance of family, yet we have different personalities that just make this friendship work. There is a balance between us.  There are no expectations, and we respect each others opinions and choices.  Which is really what a great friendship is all about. 🙂

So the question remains, who is Mojo and who is Moxie?  



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