Your FALL FIVE – 5 trends to check out this Fall

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Fall is in the air – chilly mornings, changing leaves and of course, everything pumpkin spice.   As much as I hate seeing “plaid and cozy sweaters” coming in to the stores in July,  at the beginning of September – you have to admit – there is a bit of a thrill in seeing all the fun new fall fashions and trends hitting the stores.  It makes the anticipation of cooler weather somewhat more bearable.  In anticipation of the season, Danni and I recently visited one of the cool local boutiques in Calgary to bring you the FALL FIVE!  Stacey and the amazing staff at Bamboo Ballroom pulled together some fun fall looks to show some of the trends we are seeing this fall – and ways to wear the trend if you are “not 20 anymore!”

TREND:  Bold 80’s Inspired Suiting


You can’t walk into a women’s store and not see some sort of matching set these days.  Fall is bringing beautiful, bold, earthy colours and a nod to the 80’s.  Pantsuits are structured with more prominent shoulder pads along with high, paper bag waisted pants.  The runway is featuring pants that pool to the ground with bold, white soled sneakers.  Not really wearable in YYC with snow falling possibly every month of the year, nor really in my wheelhouse  – but Stacey was able to show us how to make this trend a little less daunting in “real life.”  The picture above, shows the more baggy, trendy look – with a pair of pumps.  If you are taller, or comfortable with lots of fabric – this works.  However – some of us over 40’s want to be on trend, but still classic.


Pant suit from Soaked in Luxury  T-shirt:  Minimum Clothing

Check out how Stacey just took up the hem on these pants to the also super trendy “ankle length” which tends to be more streamlined and less avant garde than the “pooled length.”  This is my comfort zone.  Because I am not super tall, nor have really long legs – this is more approachable for me.   This is a body lengthening, bold suit – right on trend. In addition, it is super comfy and workable for both the office and girls night.  These pieces rock the trend together – but of course the blazer would look outstanding with a black pant or denim.

TREND:  Animal Print 


Leopard Sweater:  Soaked In Luxury   Jeans:  Neon Blonde

This trend has been around for a few years and still going strong.  I’m not sure that this trend will ever really be “out” and I couldn’t be more happy about it!  I personally have had a Bardot Cheetah jacket for 3 years that I still wear and consider almost a neutral.  Of course, every year things change just a little and this year we are seeing animal prints in all sorts of styles and colours.  As much as perhaps you might not feel comfortable wearing a full leopard suit or dress (or even have a PLACE to wear a leopard suit or a dress!) – check out Danni above wearing this trend in the most comfy, approachable way.  This is a sweater you could pair with tulip jeans and a pair of cool boots for a pumpkin spice latte with a friend, or with black slacks to the office.  Totally versatile and totally on trend.

TREND:  Furry Jacket / Sweater Coats / Faux Fur Vests

OMG – I am LOVING these furry fun coats.  They are so soft, so comfy, so wearable.  The only problem with them is put one on, and you might just want to lie on your couch and snuggle in for the night.  Stacey styled me in this gorgeous muted orange sweater coat –  to die for.  Super versatile, this coat is a great weight and just perfect for Fall days.  This is the coat that elevates your t-shirt and jeans and just makes you just a little “extra.” 😉


Sweater Coat: Pink Martini  Furry Coat: BB Dakota  Tunic Dress: Gentle Fawn    

Jeans (Christine and Danni): Neon Blonde

So styled above, Danni has this luxurious feeling fluffy jacket paired with a skinny jean, a tunic dress, shown as a T and a chunky necklace (created by YYC gal, Ashley Nadalin) – perfect for an afternoon with your hubby or a girlfriend.  Classic style incorporating this cozy trend.  But – this coat can be elevated to a whole different level.


Check out the same jacket here – paired with a black dress and some nude heels.   Danni is ready for an evening out.  The clear belt (another cool 80’s inspired trend we are seeing on the runways) just kicks it up another notch.  Interesting to note, Danni is wearing the same “tunic dress” in both photos.   Stacey was able to show us different ways to wear the same pieces.  If you need to make your clothing dollar stretch a little and really, who doesn’t want to do that – go see her 🙂

 TREND:  Vintage – inspired Florals

I know we have all seen them – the gorgeous long, flowing dresses that are coming into the stores – ruffled and soft and in those beautiful earthy greens, golds and burgundy.  God, I love them.  My most stylish girlfriend is pairing her’s with some combat boots and probably a cool leather jacket.  She is tall and beautiful and of course, can pull this off.  She’s a rock star.  But me – not so much.  I would look like I was trying on my grandma’s dressing gown.  So how do you rock the trend YOUR way?  Stacey found this beautiful floral blouse in one of the hit colours of the season (I’m looking at you mustard yellow), some high, high waisted jeans with a sleek velvet stripe down the side and the new re-incarnation of the fanny pack – the belt bag.  Now, doesn’t that sound so much better than “fanny pack?”


Blouse:  Molly Bracken  Jeans:  Neon Blonde  Belt Bag:  Bamboo Ballroom


TREND:  Accessories – lucite, wool and 80’s inspired

I don’t know about you, but when I’m feeling less than satisfied with the body – either feeling like I’ve have a few too many glasses (bottles) of wine or maybe one too many blocks (okay, bars) of dark chocolate – I tend to turn to accessories to update my look because I don’t want to spend money on clothes when I’m feeling crappy.  Accessories can turn jeans and a T into something special.  We had so much fun with Stacey looking at all the great accessories they have brought in this fall.  IMG_6869

LUCITE is a big trend this fall.  Light, funky and unique perfectly describes these earrings – and you can see them on every trendy fashion website.

YYC DESIGNERS are always on display.  Chunky wood and metal pieces just perfect for a t-shirt or to update last year’s wardrobe.  In addition Bamboo Ballroom is featuring Talee – another fantastic YYC jewelry designer and her funky earrings.


All accessories available at Bamboo Ballroom

80’s INSPIRED – in addition to the amazing “BELT BAGS” that are all the rage – Stacey filled us in on a few other 80’s inspired trends.  Of course – structured shoulder pads (omg – this has to bring back flashbacks), oversized belts, and NEON.  Yes – I said NEON.  I know – I can’t get on board either, but don’t shoot the messenger.

Of course – it is fun to watch the trends – to see the new styles and to try and incorporate the things you love into your wardrobe.  I think the key is – to make sure you find the things you LOVE.  Some trends may not work with you – with your body type, your style, or your  comfort zone.  If they don’t, DO NOT try to make them work.  In my experience – if you feel great – you look great.  Go with that.  And be confident – your smile is your trendiest asset.

As always, we are here for comments, questions and general discourse.



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