Five Days in Los Cabos, Mexico

It has been a long time since I have been to Mexico. 28 years to be exact…So I guess it was time to travel back and see what has changed (a lot, by the way!!). My family had never been and this trip was a quick getaway from our long winter to get some much needed vitamin D. We were a family minus one as our oldest son did some travelling on his own to Toronto. So my husband and our 17 year old daughter and I went together to spend 5 days in Los Cabos, Mexico

I mean what 17 year old teenager wants to spend 5 days in a tropical location with their parents. Hands up if know any!! But she was happy to get some sun and pool time!

So we chose Los Cabos as our locale to visit.


Los Cabos is made up of two towns, Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Cabo San Lucas is know for its nightlife and vigor, with lots to see and do around the well known Marina area. San Jose del Cabo is a more traditional Mexican town with markets of arts and culture. We happened to be staying at a resort, the Westin Los Cabos, approximately in the middle of both towns so that we could explore both.

Early Start

As we were only in Cabo for a short time, I wanted to maximize the days, so our flight to Cabo was booked for 6:00am. This meant that we were up at 3:00am to get to the airport for check in. Not the mom or wife of the year for that one. What teenager do you know that gets up that early? It would have been easier for her to pull an all nighter. But the early 3 hour 45 minute flight would get us there before noon and give us an afternoon to relax and get our bearings.

Car Rental

With staying between the 2 towns, we felt it would be more beneficial to us to rent a car rather then have to rely on taxis and shuttles. This would just give us more freedom. Well renting a car is very interesting in Mexico. It really isn’t renting a car and more like selling insurance. The car itself is not the expense it is the third party liability insurance that is law in Mexico. Insurance coverage that you get from using a credit card for your rental fee is not viable, so you will need to purchase the minimum 1M liability insurance. Something to be aware of and do your research before to make sure you are not surprised when you get there.

Driving in Cabo is interesting. Speed limit is a suggestion and not too many adhere to it but drivers are courteous and if you are anxious, you just stay in the right lane and they will go around you. Unlike my husband who felt the need to keep up in traffic with our little Dodge Attitude!! Yikes!!

Enterprise Rental Los Cabos, Mexico
My husband got a lot of “Attitude” on this trip – me, my daughter and the CAR!!

Westin Los Cabos Resort Villas and Spa

Our resort of choice was the Westin Los Cabos Resort Villas and Spa. The 2 bedroom villa had everything we needed for our quick getaway. We had a great view of the ocean and if we left the patio door open in the evening we could hear the sound of waves crashing onto the shore. The resort was fully equipped with 3 pools, 3 restaurants and the pool bar area for those Happy Hour beverages :).

It had a great fitness facility for my husband and daughter to get a morning workout in and off to side was an open-aired yoga room where I could get my zen on to prepare myself for the stressful day ahead of lying by the pool or on the beach just watching the world go by. The service was great, the resort was clean, the chips and guacamole were yummy and the mojitos, lip smacking good..What more could a person want!

Westin Los Cabos
5 Days in Los Cabos
Spring Break Travel
Westin Los Cabos
Los Cabos, Mexixo

Spring Break in Los Cabos
Spring Break travel
Travel with Teens
Westin Los Cabos

Experience the Culture

We love to experience the food culture of places we visit and the fact that my husband is a lover of tacos, we set out to find the best taco place in Cabo. Our research led us to TACOS GUSS.

In Cabo San Lucas, just a few blocks up from the marina area, we found this little hole in the wall place. We did actually almost walk right past it, but stopped when we looked inside to see it was full of locals. This must be the place right. If the locals like it, it must be good.

On a side note, this is not a place that I would take Christine to have a taco!! 😉

So we walked in and sat down at the open picnic style table. Just as we sat down the server plunked down a tray of taco fixings and sauces. We looked at the menu, and ordered our tacos (corn tortillas available for those who are gluten free) and quickly they came to our table. We filled the tacos with our fillings of choice and gobbled them down. They were good, but not food truck on the beach in Kauai good. (that’s another blog post). Definitely would eat at Tacos Guss again if we are in the neighbourhood.

On the morning of our departure, we went to Flora Farms for breakfast. This was a recommendation that we had to visit as it was right up my alley. An organic working farm in the foothills of San Jose del Cabo. It was a bit of a drive off the beaten path and once we hit the full sand road, I thought what in god’s name would grow in this environment?? We crested over the hill and then saw a lush green setting.

Flora Farms

This place is really a hidden gem. A restaurant, shops, cottages to stay at and a spa. If you are looking for a different experience then just a beach, this is the place. The area is full of gardens everywhere which supplies the ‘farm to table’ restaurant, kitchen as well as other restaurants in Cabo area. We had the breakfast buffet, which was amazing and so fresh. Everything was made from scratch on site with fresh ingredients. We walked around the grounds, looked at the gardens and watched the turtles in the pond. Definitely a place that we would go back to. Maybe next time for an evening setting.

For only 5 days in the Los Cabos, Mexico we were happy with our choice of vacation. We got some of that needed vitamin D, had some amazing meals and just got time to re-charge after the winter months. If you are looking for a quick getaway vacation, Los Cabos might be the place to look at.

The Westin Los Cabos
Los Cabos travel
Spring Break Travel
Our family – minus one – at The Westin

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