My 10 Most Requested Recipes

With the current happenings in the world right now, I felt a little stuck for what to post on the blog. Dani and I spent some time talking about how, in times like this, humans seek comfort – often from food. So today, I bring you my 10 most requested recipes.

These are recipes that I consistently get asked for and that I have either modified for my family, or sometimes just make straight from the cookbook.

Some are healthy, some are not. But they are my most requested from friends and family – which generally means they are a hit!

When possible, I have included links to these recipes.


True Food Kale Salad
Mojo and Moxie
10 Most Requested Recipes

My daughter has a YouTube channel and every time she gets asked about what her favourite meal is she is pretty consistent in saying “my mom’s Kale Salad.” This kale salad is not really “mine” but rather a slightly altered variation of the kale salad served at a very popular restaurant TRUE FOOD.

This recipe is best when using the hard core kale (black kale) which is super dark green in colour and tougher. I do use the pre-done packages of baby kale as well – because I can throw it together in a matter of minutes, but try the hard core kale for best results. I modify the True Food recipe by taking out the whole wheat bread crumbs – I have never put them in and never missed them.

The best thing about this salad is that you can serve it for dinner, and then send it for lunch the next day and it is still delish – because of the sturdiness of kale. The worst thing – you have to make a ton because everyone will gobble this up – and it is SUPER garlicky so Bella tends to get a few looks when opening it at lunch 🙂

How is a SALAD comfort food?  When your kids want it - anytime, anywhere.


In a Garten Lemon Chicken Breasts
10 Most Requested Recipes

Well – I can’t very well tell you one child’s fav, and not follow it up with the other kids, right? This is for sure in the top 10 of my most requested recipes! When my kids were younger, and getting meals on the table was more complicated due to hockey, gymnastics, boxing and dance schedules I often got texts or phone calls from friends asking for meal inspo. I always answered “lemon chicken” of course!

This is STILL a go to for me. It is delicious, quick and minus the fresh herbs I always have the ingredients on hand. This comes together so fast and feels like you made an effort.

Of course, the recipe is from my all time fav home chef, Ina Garten. I tend to serve with steamed broccolini because it is a family favourite veggie and roasted potatoes or brown rice. The sauce can be drizzled on the entire plate and is super lemony.



If you are a child of the 80’s, you probably also are a child of Best of Bridge. And when we need comfort food – its only natural to head back to what we know and love from our childhood. This homemade mac and cheese is another one that is most requested – both by other moms and by my son Zak – who appreciates a homemade baked pasta.

Best of Bridge Gourmet Mac and Cheese
10 most requested recipes

I love this recipe – not for its health benefits (cause I’m not sure there are any – hello velveeta!!) but for the “make ahead” ability and because, to me it screams comfort.

I didn’t grow up on Kraft Dinner – I was one of those lucky ones that grew up on the homemade mac and cheese. Because you can make it ahead, every single time I make this recipe it is met with cheers from the family – and no dishes in the sink. What’s not to love?



I have to confess that it took me some time to really enjoy a good chickpea. But, I stuck with it – trying it in a variety of different ways until I began to really love them. Now, they are truly a protein go-to for me. I love them.

From the book, “It’s All Good,” by Gwyneth Paltrow, this is hands down the recipe that I am most asked about, and that I most recommend. It seems weird, but it’s true! I love this recipe because it is plant based – and we are all trying to get more veggies in our diets, AND because it is so simple.

Roasted Cauliflower and Chickpeas
Gwyneth Paltrow
10 Most requested recipe

I love warming it up as my lunch after using it as a side dish the night before. I kinda also love that the guys in my house refuse to eat it – more for me!!

GP fan or not, you really have to try this.

FIND THE RECIPE via It’s All Good by Gwyneth Paltrow (or dm me on insta @mojo_and_moxie_)


Red wine - braised short ribs
Ina Garten
10 most requested recipes

This one is pretty new for us – but already not only just an Allan fav, but also most requested after dinner parties. Posting this photo of me “doubling” the recipe didn’t hurt the requests either!

This recipe comes from the most recent Ina Garten cookbook, “Cook like a Pro.”

I’m not going to lie, it takes some time. This is a Sunday dinner or dinner party creation but you will not be disappointed. Who doesn’t love a recipe with a can of Guinness and an entire bottle of wine?



Cookies for Breakfast
Mojo and Moxie
10 most requested recipes

These continue to be SUPER POPULAR because who doesn’t love cookies. And better yet, who doesn’t love guilt free cookies for breakfast?

Of course, this one is available right here on the blog – I couldn’t keep it a secret. This recipe features almond butter, bananas, flax and a whole lotta goodness. Adapted from another personal fav recipe book “How to Feed a Family” from the Sweet Potato Chronicles gals.



Healthy Slow Cooker Lasagna
Mojo and Moxie
10 most requested recipes

I found this recipe years ago from Canadian Living and this is what I fondly refer to as “cheater lasagna.” Every single time I make it, my family is pumped. This is great to make in the morning if you have a jam packed after school schedule. The fam can eat when their schedule allows and everyone has a warm meal.

This was a popular request from fellow hockey and dance moms. It was so popular, I typed it out and kept it on hand for when the request came in.

I make this lasagna healthier by using Spolumbo’s chicken sausage and ground chicken breast, and it is super quick because I cheat and use a sugar free / organic tomato sauce rather than making my own.

Don’t worry about boiling the noodles either – just rinse in some water and you are good to go. I always add spinach in the cottage cheese layer and lighten the cheese.

Yum Yum and Yum.



Now that we have the blog – when friends need a chocolate cake – I just say, “Check Mojo and Moxie!”

Ina Garten Chocolate Cake
Mojo and Moxie
10 most requested recipes

This was a new recipe for me last year – I took a gamble and made a switch up – trying out Ina Garten’s chocolate cake for the first time. It was delicious and perfect – find the recipe HERE – but I will also share the chocolate cake I grew up with.

Best of Bridge Super Chocolate Cake
Mojo and Moxie
10 most requested recipes
You might be able to tell, I’ve made this a few times!!

Yes – we are back to good ol’ Best of Bridge and their Super Chocolate Cake. I always double the recipe – and I always match it with this crazy Dream Whip icing trick my mom taught me.

Dream Whip, Chocolate Instant Pudding,  1 1/2 cups milk, vanilla. Beat for 5 minutes. Like on the timer (don't guesstimate). Perfect, not too sweet icing. 

Hey – if you are going dessert, you may as well go big, right?


Almond Butter Maldon Salt Cookies
10 most requested recipes

I’m always looking for a treat and I love a good cookie. When I stumbled upon this recipe I was so over the moon, I shared it with anyone and everyone!

Gluten free, refined sugar free, and SO TASTY – the biggest problem with these cookies is that you will want to eat the entire batch.

These are also from G.P. (aka Gwyneth Paltrow) – who knew she ever eats a cookie? I change it up a bit to work for me and I suggest these changes every time I get asked for the recipe.

Cut down on the maple syrup – I use 3/4 cup and they turn out great. I add a little more vanilla, and a dash of cinnamon. DON”T substitute or leave out the MALDON salt. It really makes the cookie.

You are welcome.

FIND THE RECIPE in It’s All Good – Gwyneth Paltrow

ps – I will put this one on the blog in the next week or so…


Need to plan something special for a last minute dinner party? This is the recipe that I have passed to friends and colleagues over and over. It is the recipe that I personally have repeated over and over. And it is always a good choice.

Ina Garten Beef Tenderloin with basil parm mayo
Mojo and Moxie
10 most requested recipes

The key to this recipe is buying a great tenderloin, seasoning it according to the directions (which seem absurd) and relaxing. I guarantee whoever you cook this for will want to repeat the dish in their own kitchen.

Of course, I’m talking about our Sunday dinner fav – Beef Tenderloin with basil/ parm mayo.

Because it’s on the blog, I won’t bore you with any more details other than to tell you to:


So there it is – 10 of my most requested.

I do have to be honest. Many of my most requested recipes are appetizers and I didn’t include any appey’s here. In the coming months, I will follow up with a 10 most requested appey post.

But considering the current virus situation we are in, I thought it might be prudent to save the appey’s for when we actually have the green light to get together and celebrate.

Until then, our friends – we wish you good health, successful social distancing, and lots of comfort.

As always, comment, like, subscribe. We would love to hear from you.



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  1. Talk about PERFECT timing! Now that I am home from work “until further notice” I was looking for some new recipes to keep me busy… and WOWWWW, they look amazing!! Thank you!!


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