Mojo and Moxie’s Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide 2021

mojo and moxie's stocking stuffer gift guide 2021

It is THAT time of year people! We know how you LOVE our gift guides, so this year get ready for our Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide 2021!

Danni and I were recently on a girls trip in Mexico and talk turned to Christmas (as it does ,when you are sitting on a beach staring at the waves) – wait, WHAT?? Yes – we started talking about Christmas and how difficult it is to be creative with stocking stuffers for our grown up kids. Let’s face it – girls are SO easy. You can buy for them forever – but its not cheap. And BOYS – what on earth to you get them that they are going to appreciate and use – that isn’t junky.

I complained that I am just all over the place with my stockings. I start October-ish keeping an eye out for little, special things and by December 24th I have a massive bin – half of which I have forgotten about and much of which they don’t need or even want.

One of our friends had the brilliant idea of picking a theme for your stocking – which not only focuses you on something they need or love, but also steers you clear of random purchasing. We LOVED this idea and decided we would steal it for the blog, to help organize our stocking stuffer gift guide for 2021.

Every year our gift guides are BY FAR, the most popular posts on the blog – so let’s get right into it. Be sure to comment below if you have ideas you would like to share as well – we love hearing from you!

Sweat Shop – stocking stuffers for the gym rat

stocking stuffer gift guide
Spiral Notebook

I’ve got two boys that love to workout. This MIGHT just be the theme I pick for them. I’ve chosen gifts that are appropriate for teens and above – just because this is the age we get asked most about. Not gender specific – here are 10 ideas you might want to add to the stocking this year if you decide to go with the “SWEAT Theme!”…

Home Alone – stocking stuffers for adulting

stocking stuffer gift guide 2021

Come on – we’ve all seen that Kevin McAllister picture where he slaps his face, one too many times!! Time to put the Mama on display!!! So this theme is for your young adult that has left the nest, or is going to in the near future. Why not get a few of those little essentials that every kid needs for their first apartment.

Summer in December – stocking stuffers for the winter vacay

Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide 2021

Why not stuff the stocking for Spring Break / Reading Week / Summer dreams? Who doesn’t love a stocking that smells like coconut and the beach? If your teen has sunshine and warm temps in their future, why not pick a beach themed stocking…

Welcome to the Real World – stocking stuffers for their first “real” job

Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide 2021

The Bare Necessities – stocking stuffers they NEED but will also LOVE

So we’ve picked just a few themes here for our Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide 2021, but the ideas are endless. Do you have an outdoor enthusiast in the family? Winter Wonderland (mittens, teas, hot chocolates, scarves, harsh weather moisturizers, hand warmers, etc etc). What about a GAME theme? Including fun cards and even those scratcher lottery tickets? Are they majoring in something you can really tap into? A chef? A foodie?

The key here with the themed stocking is to pick one thing and really go for it.

Share some theme ideas below – we love to hear what YOU are doing this year for your young adults.

And don’t forget to check out some of our other gift guides…




Happy Shopping!

mojo and moxie



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