Staying Healthy for the Holidays

Ho, Ho, Ho…Here come the holidays. Time for celebrations. Big or small, you know there is going to be overconsumption involved. Extra food, extra drinks and extra sweets. Combined, these can put a strain on your body. But good news, there are things you can do to allow you to celebrate and still stay healthy for the holidays.

Tips for Staying Healthy for the Holidays

** Drink Water**

I know you have probably heard this before but there are so many benefits to water consumption on the daily.

  • flushes out toxins
  • increased waste removal
  • boosts the immune system
  • increases energy and alertness
  • prevents hangovers (!!)
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So before that holiday function, make sure you drink your water before you go. If consuming alcohol, then it is always a good idea to alternate water between each beverage. Although you may be making a few more frequent bathroom trips, your head and your body will thank you in the morning.

** 80/20 Rule **

As a Holistic Nutritionist, my rule has always been to eat and drink healthy 80% of the time which allows for indulgence 20% of time. And if that ratio slides a bit, don’t beat yourself up over it. We do only live once…YOLO!!

** Smaller Portions Are Your Friend **

I know, I know. All that food does look good. You want to be able to sample it ALL. And you can. Just take smaller portions or even better use a smaller plate. That way you take smaller portions to fit the plate. Load up on the vegetables and healthier options first and this leaves less room for the less healthier options. Then you can only take one or two pieces of the indulgence.

** Reduce Your Sugar Intake **

Sugar…The more your eat, the more you crave. It is shown in studies that sugar intake can actually suppress your immune system lessening the fighting power it needs to fight off viruses and bacteria. So enjoy those holiday treats in moderation, opt for a smaller portion or opt out all together. Who needs sugar anyways, right 😉

** Exercise **

Maintaining your current exercise routine is foremost. Exercise (if you get a good sweat) is good for a detox and helps flush things from your system. Our skin is out largest detox order so use it to your advantage. But if you can’t get your usual routine in, even a good walk will help get that lymphatic system moving. And did you know that is good walk in cooler temperatures is good for your cardiovascular health and helps you to burn more calories.

And finally, it is very important to get sleep

** Sleep **

Amazing things happen in your body when you sleep. As a person in midlife (or between the ages of 35-60+), we should aim for a range of 6-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night. And for those who get interrupted sleep for whatever reasons, napping is also encouraged. Studies have shown that people who are good sleepers, do not need as many calories throughout the day. Sleep is good for your immune system as it gives your body time to regenerate, repair and fight off those bugs and viruses. Sleep is also good for your energy levels and therefore decreases your intake of all that sugary food to give you a mid day or mid evening boost.

I know some of these tips for staying healthy for the holidays may be common sense and part of your daily routine but never a bad idea to have a little reminder every now and then. And good health is always a good thing

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Stay Healthy Friends…



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