What’s Your Word for 2023

What’s Your Word for 2023

I’M BACK!!!!! After a little hiatus from the blog, I decided to make an appearance again. To be honest, I missed it. I missed having the creative outlet and creating content and sharing information. So I thought I would start 2023 with being creative and blog about this year’s new trend everyone is talking about – What’s Your Word for 2023?

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Summer BBQ Smoked Potato Salad

Summer BBQ Smoked Potato Salad

Well summer has finally decided to show it face here in Calgary. After a rainy June, which was greatly needed, the sun is starting to shine. Which means that summer BBQ’s are now being planned. And the classic potato salad is always on the menu. But this time, I have added a twist – SMOKE. This may be the new classic for your summer BBQ – Smoked Potato Salad. NOTE: This recipe is for those with a backyard smoker.

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The Best Last Minute Easter Menu

The Best Last Minute Easter Menu

What? Easter is THIS week? I know…it snuck up on me too – but we’ve got you covered with the BEST last minute Easter menu.

I don’t know about you, but for me, the hard part of planning a big meal for a family celebration is picking the menu. If you are old school, this means pouring over your recipe books – trying to remember which book has which recipe. If you google most of your beloved recipes, this means an endless search down the rabbit hole that is the internet.

This takes freakin’ forever – am I right?!!!

Well this year, Danni and I decided to do the work for you and create the” best last minute Easter menu,” with links to all the recipes all in one place.

You are welcome!

Easter is this weekend – let’s get started!

Easter Appetizers

You might not consider an appetizer for your Easter dinner if you are just having your immediate family for the meal, but if you are hosting a crowd, it is always nice to have a few things out for nibbles while people arrive and get settled. Fresh veggies may not seem like a “recipe” but if you put the effort into a homemade dip, like the “green goddess dip” noted below – it just takes things up a notch. Also, I love to check out all the pictures of veggie trays online for inspiration. A really pretty board makes it look like more effort than it actually was. The same can be said for the homemade olives. Yes – you can just buy olives, but warm olives with that homemade touch of orange and chili? YUM!

I have NEVER had a guest not RAVE about the whipped feta crostini – this is a MUST TRY – even if you bookmark it for another time. You WILL NOT be disappointed.

I threw in the caprese sticks because they are simple and fun, and easy to do the day before and put out for guest while you are cooking the big meal. Also – sometimes we just need a reminder of some of the recipes that are simple”go-to’s.” Or is that just me and my menopause brain? 🙂

Best Last minute Easter menu
Barefoot Contessa Tomato Crostini with Whipped Feta
Tomato Crostini with Whipped Feta
Caprese Skewers with Balsamic Glaze
Marinated Olives with Orange and Chili
Stuffed Mushrooms with Bacon and Olives
Veggies with Green Goddess Dip

Easter Mains

The best last minute Easter menu needs one of each of the traditional Easter mains, and while I am a “ham traditionalist” I know many love to serve lamb or, dare I say, TURKEY again? If you love ham – we all know how easy it is – you MUST try this cherry and chili version. And bacon wrapped turkey? Need I say more? Of course, we have you covered on our website with Danni’s roasted rosemary lamb chops. Delish.

The Best last minute Easter Menu 
Roast lamb
Cherry and Chili Glazed Ham
Bacon Wrapped Turkey
Roasted Lamb – from Mojo and Moxie
Slow Roasted Beef Tenderloin – from Mojo and Moxie

Easter Sides

The number of side dishes that are available for your last minute easter dinner are endless – why not pick a few from our list and call it a day. We are helping you out by linking your fav’s here – so of course, you will find that old stand by – Schwarties Potatoes. Yes, these are not healthy. Yes, everyone knows how to make them, and yes, your kids love them. So you may as well just make them, and be done with it. Side note: I’ve always called these schwartzies – with a Z potatoes – am I the only one pronouncing this wrong my whole life??

You will also find my NEW go-to potato – discovered once my friends lured me over to the dark (and addictive) side of the air fryer!! Our favorite salads, found on Mojo and Moxie already and a couple veggies, round things out.

light and easy summer salads
Air Fryer Hasselback Potatoes
Schwarties Potatoes
Light and Easy Summer Salads to make Now – from Mojo and Moxie
Honey Glazed Baby Carrots
Roasted Asparagus with Crispy Parmesan

Easter Desserts

NOW – finally to my favorite part. Fun fact – my favorite thing about creating a special menu is ALWAYS the dessert. I get the most excited about what delicious goodness I am going to put on the table at the end of the meal. Easter desserts can be light and lemony – like our lemon shortbread tarts, or down right decadent like our Raspberry Baked Alaska or Speckled Easter Egg chocolate cake. If you are NOT the dessert type – why not something super light and easy, like the frozen berries with white hot chocolate? My girlfriend introduced me to this one, and it is now on the rotation for easy (and healthy-ish) desserts. And of course, Easter wouldn’t be Easter without a sinful carrot cake. 🙂 No matter what you choose from this list, I guarantee you will be happy (and full!)

the best last minute Easter dinner menu
I made these Easter desserts in 2015 – the first time I ever tried the Speckled Easter Chocolate Cake – old photos come in handy sometimes!
Speckled Easter Chocolate Cake
Raspberry Baked Alaska – from Mojo and Moxie
Old Fashioned Carrot Cake
Frozen Berries with White Hot Chocolate
Lemon Shortbread Tarts – from Mojo and Moxie

So there you have it – our best last minute dinner menu, all set up for you! Just pick your favs, make a list and head to the grocery store.

I hope we’ve saved you some time trying to find all the recipes you need for the weekend. I myself am off the hook, as we are doing Easter brunch late in the afternoon at our golf course. This means easy peasy charcuterie board dinner with maybe, just maybe, one of those decadent desserts…

I will keep you posted!

Happy Easter – hope the Easter bunny leaves you something special.

mojo and moxie best last minute  easter menu



Makeup Tips for Women Over 50

Makeup Tips for Women Over 50

My makeup routine for years consists of some powder foundation, a little bronzer with a little extra around the cheekbones and some mascara. If I feel a little crazy, I add some eyeliner. And for those really special occasions some shadow on the eyelids. Lipstick, almost never. Maybe some gloss if I happen to have it. And that’s it. But now I have my own personal makeup artist in the house (having kids is finally paying off) with my daughter now a certified makeup artist. Her interest in make up and her artistic expression has led her to this growing field. And who doesn’t want their own make up artist..Me please!! And I have learned so much from her and have enlisted her knowledge to bring you some make up tips for women over 50 (AKA mature skin) to you.

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