The BEST Alcohol-Free Drinks for Fall

The BEST Alcohol-Free Drinks for Fall

It’s October, which means the carefree days of daily summer drinks are coming to an end (or should be?!) – so today we are bringing you the best alcohol-free drinks for fall. In addition, October is World Menopause Month – which means here at Mojo and Moxie, each week in October, we are bringing you all things menopause related.

What do the best alcohol-free drinks for fall have to do with menopause ? Well give me a sec, and I’ll tie it all in for you…

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Our Favourite Thanksgiving Blog Posts

Our Favourite Thanksgiving Blog Posts

Thanksgiving. The holiday where we give thanks for all that we have been blessed with. For those who don’t know the history of Canadian Thanksgiving is, well complicated. If you want to read more about it, click to this link, The History of Thanksgiving in Canada. But in a shortened version, in 1957 the Canadian government finally officially made the second Monday in October Canadian Thanksgiving to coincide with the completion of harvest . A time to be thankful for our bounty. But on to the real reason for this post, our favourite Thanksgiving blog posts to help set your table with food and drink.

The Perfect Turkey

Our very first Thanksgiving post was Christine’s Perfect Turkey. Well, to be honest it isn’t Christine’s but Martha Stewart’s. But it does come out looking perfect!! And tastes amazing too.

Christine’s Fool Proof – Perfect Every Time Thanksgiving Turkey – Martha Stewart 101

Side Dish for the Turkey

Now this isn’t your normal side dish of roasted carrots, with peas or mashed potatoes. It is onions. Yes, I said that right, onions. This is a side dish that we make thanks to my mother in law and may even sway those onion haters in your family. And it may just be because of all that cream and parmesan cheese. (Tip: you may want to wear goggles while slicing the onions)

Onion Casserole

We all need a Good Wine

Now a dinner in our homes is not complete without some wine. Especially Thanksgiving, what will all that family around an extra glass or 2 might be needed (wink, wink). We were lucky enough to head down Kensington Wine Market and have then recommend a few bottles that would be a great addition to your turkey dinner and fit all budgets and taste.

The Best Thanksgiving Wines

Turkey, a unique side dish and wine. What else do you need?? Oh right, pumpkin pie or for those who do not like pumpkin, apple pie. Making a pie at home can be an arduous task , but there are also plenty at your local market or grocery store. After making a dinner for the family, take a break and buy the pie. Add some whipped cream or ice cream and you have a tasty end to an amazing dinner. We hope you enjoy our Favourite Thanksgiving blog posts.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. And in this ever changing world we live in, remember…


Halloween Bat Wings

Halloween Bat Wings

I have a confession to make. I actually HATE Halloween.

I hate dressing up.

I hate having all that temptation (read: bite size chocolate bars I end up eating 20 of) in the house.

I hate anything scary, or gruesome.

I’m not a fan of fake blood

AND, I’m super not into how on Halloween everyone seems to think they can turn any profession into something “sexy.” ie. Sexy nurse, sexy cop, sexy prison inmate… REALLY??

But, as a mom I have embraced the Halloween season with as much joy as I could muster for my kids. I decorate the house with fun – not scary Halloween decor and make cute bags of goodies for the dwindling numbers of trick or treaters.

On a side note, one thing I DO love about Halloween is seeing all the littles dressed up – parents following closely behind, carrying pillow cases filled with candy.

Our kids are older now – with two in university, they do their parties and costumes on their own and trick or treating with mom and dad has long gone by the wayside. Many of our Halloween traditions have faded away, but one remains. Every year I make Halloween BAT WINGS as our meal.

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Sweet Potato Soup is Spooktacular

Sweet Potato Soup is Spooktacular


If you can believe it, we have gone the entire month of October here on Mojo and Moxie without a pumpkin recipe – but we HAD to share our Sweet Potato Soup – because it is SPOOKTACULAR!!

October is all about the pumpkin and here we are NOT posting our pumpkin favs.  I’m confident you have survived the month and perhaps tried either Danni or my pumpkin muffins from Insta, so today I am going to push past the pumpkin and highlight the sweet potato.  And – just a head’s up…Halloween is tomorrow night.  If you are like me, you have your traditions of either baking up a batch of trusty “bat wings,” or ordering pizza.  BUT if you are in the mood for a change, this recipe might just do the “trick” on a night full of treats! Continue reading “Sweet Potato Soup is Spooktacular”