Easter Dessert: Individual Raspberry Baked Alaska’s

Easter Dessert: Individual Raspberry Baked Alaska’s

Who doesn’t love to have a showstopper dessert on their Easter table.? We’ve got just the thing this week with these individual raspberry Baked Alaska’s. Kinda old school steakhouse with a twist, right?

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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

We’ve put together our last minute Valentine’s Day gift guide because let’s face it – whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, this year, the people you love might need a little pick me up.

1. Because we all love something sweet

For just about anyone…

I actually LOVE anything sweet – and a new addition to Calgary’s chocolate market has us super excited. We love finding local gems! For a little something sweet why not check out TEN DEGREES CHOCOLATE and their Valentine’s Chocolate Pack. For under $10 you can pick out a cute Valentine’s pick me up for anyone you treasure.

Last minute Valentine's Day gift guide
Chocolate in YYC

2. Because there is no better time than NOW to learn to cook

For the Young Adult…

I actually picked up this cookbook as a stocking stuffer for my eldest and guess what? A few days ago I actually got a text saying he’s tried a few of the recipes and they were big hits. I figure any book that gets my son into the kitchen MUST be great. And at 21 they don’t really want a Valentine from mom anyways!

BUY: Tasty Adulting – All your fav’s All grown up

Last minute Valentine's Day gift guide

3. Because we are all still looking for COZY

For your sleepy teen

Have you heard? I guess these snuggly hoodies are all the rage – a true blanket you can wear 😉 and with temps hitting the high minus 20’s this week here in YYC, we are all about anything that screams “cozy.”

BUY: The Comfy Hoodie

last minute Valentine's Day gift guide
Comfy Hoodie

4. Because everyone loves getting jewelry

For your Bestie

Have a friend who is struggling – or just someone you want to show a little extra love to this February 14th? Why not celebrate “Galentine’s Day” this year with a Canadian designer from a local boutique in YYC. Era Style Loft has a ton of great options for your bestie, but the new Jenny Bird Love collection is sweet, edgy and a terrific price point.

Check out the Jenny Bird “All Love Pendant” HERE

Last minute Valentine's Day gift guide
Jenny Bird

5. Because real roses don’t last

For your Mom

Why not surprise your mom this year with a Valentine? Most of us are feeling the distance these days – and who doesn’t love a beautifully packaged candle with a nod to the special Valentine’s rose. Yes please!! Beautifully packaged, what better way to show mom you love her?

Diptyque Limited Edition Roses Candle from Holt Renfrew

last minute Valentine's day gift guide

6. Because our girls need a little love these days

For the teen / tween girl

At Christmas, I stumbled across a few items I “thought” my teen would love, but when I purchased them – I didn’t realize just what a hit they would be. These days, with all of our time at home, and our teens living a considerably more solitary life, this guided journal – which asks both tough and fun questions is a great way for our teen girls to get out their thoughts and feelings.

Burn After Writing

And – for a little something retro they are sure to love, check out the cool band T’s from Daydreamer

The Doors Band T

last minute valentine's day gift guide
The Doors t-shirt

7. Because your love deserves some love

A Valentine’s gift for him

While they continue their social distanced entertaining on the back deck (scotch and cigars anyone?), why not some cool “outdoor slippers to keep them warm and trendy? Buy a pair for yourself and join him for a glass of vino alfresco…

Here is our fav (budget friendly!) option:

Union Puffer Slipper

last minute Valentine's Day gift guide
outdoor slippers

8. Because they deserve to be spoiled too

A Luxe choice for your Valentine

If you feel like splurging (and these days who doesn’t) why not check out this sumptuous unisex scent from Tom Ford.

Lost Cherry

If you have decided your Valentine’s Day will include love notes, heart shaped napkins, and a special meal check out our Easy, Healthy and Light Valentine’s dinner

However you choose to celebrate – take the day to CONSCIOUSLY tell those you love how much they mean to you and hold them close in your heart if you can’t physically. If we’ve learned anything this past year, it is certainly that.

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Searching for Joy in the Christmas of 2020

Searching for Joy in the Christmas of 2020

I’m standing in the aisle at our local Calendar Club staring at the abyss of adult games, desperately searching for joy in the Christmas of 2020.

You see, every year at this time, I love to find a new game for our family. Life quiets down, kids are home from university and extra curricular activities take a well deserved break. Christmas is the perfect time to get in that “family time” we always talk about, and play a game, or do a puzzle.

This year though, the thought of suggesting we play another game or “hey kids, let’s do a puzzle,” fills me with such dread, I turn on my heel and walk straight out of the store.

“Ok lady, I say to myself, “you’ve got to get your shit together and find some joy in the Christmas of 2020.”

Anyone else with me?

Don’t get me wrong – I am grateful for a lot of things right now – I’m just struggling a little with joy.

I am grateful we have employment, a home, our health (fingers crossed) and ways to connect via technology with people we love – although – if someone suggests another Zoom, I might have to punch them in the face. 🙂

I’m not totally devoid of happiness – nor do I feel depressed, but I do feel the peaks and valleys of my emotions like never before. I also feel a certain anger that bubbles just below the surface. At times, I tear out of the house looking for a break, knowing if I hear the words “social distancing” once more, I might scream.

But I digress…

In our house, we light the advent wreath – four candles signifying HOPE, PEACE, LOVE and JOY – each one lit in the four weeks approaching Christmas. And while in previous years, these candles were lit more with a nod to tradition – this year HOPE, PEACE, LOVE and JOY seem to take on a new meaning.

searching for joy in the Christmas of 2020

We’ve all had to come up with things that give us HOPE, that bring us PEACE, that show LOVE and that have helped us feel JOY at our family table.

With it being just a few days from Christmas, I thought I would share with you some of the things we’ve come up with in our family, while we are searching for Joy in the Christmas of 2020.

I feel JOY when I see all the extra Christmas lights people have put on their houses this year.

I feel HOPE when I see that doctors are getting vaccinated.

I feel JOY when I see a family out for a walk together.

I feel PEACE when I know we are all together under one roof.

I feel JOY that I can find a parking spot at the mall one week before Christmas!

I feel HOPE when I see the city supporting local business.

I feel LOVE when I see our family laughing together.

I feel JOY when I see people skating outside in a local park and Christmas carols being played.

I feel HOPE when I see a company pivot to adjust to restrictions and be successful.

While this list is certainly not exhaustive it sure beats going down the rabbit hole of despair, doesn’t it? I know that choosing joy in a pandemic is a little like choosing love in the middle of a fight with your partner. The question always is – do you want to be RIGHT, or do you want to be HAPPY?

This Christmas there are many reasons to NOT be joyful. This pretty much sucks, and let me tell you – I can come up with plenty of reasons to support that statement too. We really have to consciously be searching for joy in the Christmas of 2020. We have to wake up every morning, and figure out how we are going to either find joy, or bring joy each day.

In what is most likely our last blog post for 2020, all we are wishing for you this holiday season is a little JOY, unconditional LOVE, PEACE, and an abundance of HOPE. Because remember… after the last pandemic came the ROARING ’20’s and in my mind the next decade has us strewn in sequins and dancing like fools.

searching for joy in the Christmas of 2020

Dance with us – won’t you? See you in 2021



If you are looking for JOYFUL Christmas morning inspiration check out our Gingerbread Waffles or Christmas Morning Eats – guaranteed JOY.

Three Warm Winter Beverages To Enjoy

Three Warm Winter Beverages To Enjoy

“Baby, Its cold, Outside”…Yes, winter has arrived in the northern hemisphere and many are spending more time outdoors then usual this year. What is one thing we want when we get inside.? A hot beverage to warm us up, of course. So, I have put together three warm winter beverages to enjoy by the fireplace. Although these would also be great additions to sitting outside and enjoying a firepit, if you have one of those.

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