Light and Easy Summer Salads to make NOW

Light and Easy Summer Salads to make NOW

The days are long, and it is FINALLY heating up here in Calgary. I know it has been a pretty hot summer for many of you – but out in Western Canada, we have been suffering with a ton of rain and cooler days. Here’s hoping July and August bring us some heat – and with it always comes the desire to make light and easy summer salads.

I’ve been posting pictures on our insta of flowers in my garden that I have never seen bloom before, so obviously the rain – and intermittent sunshine is doing something. While I don’t personally have a garden, it seems the farmers markets and grocery stores are teaming with fresh, yummy looking produce.

quick and easy summer salads

When I see all this yum, I just want to figure out how to use it in recipes that are quick and easy and that my family will love. I’ve picked three light and easy summer salads that are my “go-to” these days, to help you get inspired to use up all those garden goodies.

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