Mojo and Moxie Christmas: BEST Butter Tarts

Mojo and Moxie Christmas: BEST Butter Tarts

We are in the final week before Christmas and we are bringing out our BEST BUTER TARTS recipe!

I am so excited to have the whole family home and just relax. I don’t know about you, but I find the Christmas season more chill with older kids. Excited toddlers and littles are so charged up, it is really hard to get things done! It is also true that when the kids were little, I did a lot more Christmas baking.

In addition to squares, shortbread and the famous Davey Crockett, I also made homemade sugar cookies and gingerbread. We had cookie decorating parties and used a lot of our baking to take school events, teachers and concerts.

Now that those days are gone, we pick only the favourites to bake. Let’s face it – we eat it for 2 days and then it goes to the freezer. It sits around until one of my kids raids the freezer, or until the following year!!

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