Learning to Meditate – Life’s New Adventures at 49

Learning to Meditate – Life’s New Adventures at 49

Learning to meditate isn’t easy. As of today, I have 21 days under my belt – but here’s my story so far…

I recently turned 49 and for some reason felt compelled to do something cool and possibly life changing in my last year before turning the big 50. Having a somewhat pessimistic personality, I created some guidelines for what it was I was going to tackle, to ensure it was doable.

Whatever I started or tried needed to be:

  1. something I could commit to easily and maintain
  2. accessible and not cost a lot to get started
  3. make a positive impact on my life

My husband LOVES this kind of thing, so I asked him to help me out – I had been ruminating with a few ideas (taking up the piano again, getting out that sewing machine and finally learning to sew, knitting??) It took him 0.5 of a second to answer.

“Learn to Meditate”

hmmm – not bad. Certainly checks all the boxes – and wow that was fast. Clearly he had been sitting on that one awhile. 🙂

“Challenge Accepted!”

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