Five Wardrobe Essentials for Summer 2021

Five Wardrobe Essentials for Summer 2021

This weekend is affectionately referred to as “May Long” in our part of the world. This unofficial start to summer might have you thinking about what five wardrobe essentials for Summer 2021 you should add to your closet…

Of course, where we live, quite often “May Long” can bring snow, sleet, rain, vicious wind, or perhaps even a little sun 🙂 It still serves as the gateway to expectations of long summer days and nice weather.

A change of seasons always gives me the itch to add to – improve – or update my closet. Over the past several years I have taken a different approach to my wardrobe. My basics are as high a quality as I can afford, but my trend pieces are just that – trend pieces that I won’t probably be wearing more than one season.

I think this approach comes with time. My daughter currently has a plethora of cringe-worthy thread bare “trendy” items that are – as I fondly refer to “cheap and cheerful.” Her drawers are overflowing with items that barely last a first wash – let alone a second season and she likes it that way. As I’ve gotten older, quality has become more important and I like to buy pieces I know I will get a lot of wear out of!

There are many “basics” a person could add and improve on – but let’s dive into Mojo and Moxie’s five wardrobe essentials for Summer 2021!

The Pull-On Skirt

five wardrobe essentials for summer 2021 - slip on skirt - Anine Bing
The Riley Skirt – available at Era Style Loft

I can’t quite explain my love for a good pull on skirt and this FOR SURE should be one of your five wardrobe essentials for Summer 2021.

Somewhat like an elevated sweat pant, the pull on skirt is my go-to for anything and everything. You NEED this in your suitcase when you travel.

I am lusting after the skirt pictured above, because it is a soft, silky, stretchy material. It doesn’t need an iron. It comes out of the suitcase ready to wear and can be dressed up or down.

Picture this skirt with a pair of white sneakers, and a sweatshirt at the mall. Picture it also with a white tee and a pair of wedges out for lunch. Then picture it with a silk tank and a belt with a little sparkle and paired with a strappy sandal for a night out. YUM!

The best thing about these skirts is that they are EVERYWHERE, in every price range. I always suggest buying the best your budget can afford – because this is a basic you can have in your wardrobe for years.

This skirt is everything you need this summer. Get one!

The Sport Sandal

I’m not gonna lie – in general – this is not my favorite trend of Summer 2021. Part of me thinks these semi-ugly sport sandals should stay hidden in the back of the closet. Many of the styles are not for me and favour perhaps, ahem, a younger fan base 🙂 But I am a firm believer in finding a version of the trend that works for me and midlife women like me.

If you wore Tevas in the 90’s – you will no doubt raise an eyebrow at this “new” wardrobe essential – but I can tell you one thing – this trend works for us. Guess why? Comfort, ladies!!! I’m always on board with a shoe I can wear all day and I have yet to meet someone my age who isn’t. This is why I included it in our summer wardrobe essentials – that – and this shoe can be found in all price ranges. Every brand is on board with this trend, so it is accessible to everyone.

I did a little searching and found “my” version of the trend – I’m sure you can too…

Check out the new TEVA SPORT SANDAL

Anything Crocheted

five wardrobe essentials for summer 2021 - crochet hat 
These cuties can be found at ANTHROPOLOGIE

Yup – you read it right. Anything crocheted is a hot trend this year and a must-have to add to your wardrobe. This is not your grandma’s crochet…

I know you are thinking that everything crocheted in the stores right now are tiny little short sets with matching cropped tops – but let’s think out of the box a little.

Why not a cute crocheted crossbody bag? What about a funky hat? If you love a crop top – go for it – but for me, once I turned 40 I kinda felt showing my belly was not gonna happen. Why not a funky light cardigan as a throw over? Works for jean shorts or a dress…

There are still a ton of ways you can wear the trend.

The Perfect Jean Short

five wardrobe essentials for summer 2021
jean shorts

Finding the perfect jean short has changed for me over time. In my younger years, jean shorts were my “go-to” – something I wore to the grocery store, the pub, or for a night out paired with cowboy boots and a crop top (yikes! – but don’t deny – you did it too!!)

These days, in general – I avoid wearing shorts for much more than golf and to throw over my bathing suit when I visit friends at the lake. It’s weird how this has changed for me. I can’t actually explain it. However, I am an advocate of having the perfect jean short in your wardrobe no matter what.

Jean shorts are the staple that never really goes out of style – but what works for you is totally personal. Take the time to find the shorts you love, work for your lifestyle, and a length you feel comfy with. Do you want a clean hem, something distressed, high/low, super casual or clean looking?

You can pair these with something as simple as a white tank, a tunic style pull over blouse, tucked in the front, or layered with a casual tee and light cardigan or sleeveless vest.

Of course, if you’re like me – you are just pairing them with your swim suit and flip flops 🙂

The Quintessential White Tank, Tee and Shirt and a BONUS…

five wardrobe essentials for summer 2021
The Channing Shirt – Available HERE

Ok – so I said FIVE wardrobe essentials for Summer 2021, but lets be realistic – this girl loves to shop and who can stop at just 5??

That being said I’m combining these to create one simple word WHITE.

It’s not rocket science or particularly innovative to talk about basic white shirt but you would be surprised how often I run into people who have yet to find THEIR perfect version.

Your basic summer wardrobe is not complete without a perfect white Tee, a throw -on white button down, and a great white tank. There are no excuses people – find these and add them to your wardrobe!

Over the past month, I have worn a white or black tank with everything from silk cargo pants, a crocheted skirt (see what I did there?) and of course a pair of cropped sweats. This staple will serve you well.

Of course, you will find these in all price ranges. My personal favourite tank is available at Banana Republic – it is fitted, with just the right amount to detail and inexpensive so I can replace it every year to keep it fresh. You can find it HERE

As a bonus and I know you don’t need to hear this – but get yourself some WHITE SNEAKERS already!!

five wardrobe essentials for summer 2021 - white sneakers
Steve Madden White Sneakers found HERE

Nothing fancy – but something you love and something you will wear with everything in your closet. I wear mine with skirts, jeans, dress pants, throw on dresses and of course my slip on skirt! 🙂

So there you have it ladies, some shopping inspiration for our foray into Summer. This year – we MAY actually have somewhere to go – so get out there and enjoy finding some pieces you love.

Don’t forget to keep us posted on your finds…

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